Adora Herveaux is an aspiring women’s fiction author currently at work on her debut novel, Perceptions, which follows three young women each at a crossroads in their ever enduring quest to find and keep love.

Adora finds inspiration from exploring the complexities and fragility of love, life and relationships intertwined with societal assumptions, family dynamics and lingering regrets. Her writing is sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, sometimes controversial, but always thought-provoking.

When not writing, Adora is a compulsive sunbather, avid reader, dance enthusiast, tv addict, tennis fan, theatregoer and relaxing fanatic.


What they’ll be saying once Adora is published…

“Watch out for this author at the top of the bestseller list.”

New York Times

“Adora Herveaux is the next Liane Moriarty.”

Sydney Morning Herald