Resolutions of an Aspiring Writer

ResolutionsHere we go again. It’s the start of a new year, a time filled with so much hope and aspirations of the next twelve months being better than the last twelve. This year will be different, we tell ourselves. This year I’m going to commit. This year I’m going to stay motivated. This year I will not give up until I achieve my goals.

Typically my new year’s resolutions revolve around losing weight and finding my ever elusive soul mate. Those pesky 15 kilos I’ve gained since high school will magically fall off this year and my knight in shining armour will suddenly appear. “What’s that you’re reading?” he’ll ask when I’m sitting poolside with a good book, or maybe it’ll be at the supermarket over the fruit and vegetables, “Do you know how to pick a good avocado?” he’ll say.

Of course, neither of those things ever actually happen and I inevitable end up exceedingly disappointed. So this year I’ve decided all my resolutions will revolve around writing. Yes, writing. Now is the perfect age for a career shift and it’s up to me to make it happen. Time to shed all my inhibitions and put into words all those things I want to say but never seem to verbally muster.

So here are my 2015 new year’s resolutions. Drum roll please…

1. Write debut novel
I have the beginnings of an outline and twelve months to fill it out into a whole 300 page women’s fiction novel. So 300 pages is approximately 75,000 words which is 6,250 per month or about 205 words a day, eek! Deep breaths, I can do this. You can read my draft blurb under Books.

2. Read a book a month
This probably doesn’t sound like very much, it isn’t. I’m a slow reader and typically only read on weekends when I’m sitting poolside soaking up the rays. But to be writer, a good writer, one must be be an avid reader of their chosen genre and I’m just not reading enough. Some titles currently sitting on my bookshelf crying to be read include The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult and Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger.

3. Attend writers’ festivals
Last year I attended my first writers’ festival, Writers’ Unleashed! The Sutherland Shire Writers’ Festival and I loved, loved, loved it. So inspiring to immerse myself in all things writing and hear from successfully published authors such as Liane Moriarty who made it sound so easy. Can’t wait for the next one and to see what other festivals have to offer.

4. Join a writers group
I can’t rely on family and friends to constructively critique my work, or to actually understand what it takes to pen a bestseller, so I really must seek out like minded individuals to bounce ideas off and improve my writing. The NSW Writers Centre provides a database of local Writing Groups so I’m going to give it a go at the very least.

5. Blog monthly
So I’m making this one pretty simple in order to accomplish it. One little blog post a month is more than doable. I’m going to post snippets from my debut novel along with some flash fiction, short stories and personal musings on the life of an aspiring writer.

6. Enter a writing competition
As I write this one down I already know I’m going to break it. Is my writing worthy of winning a competition? Hmm… that’s a good question, but I’m aiming to be bold and brave and submit at least one short story into a competition this year.

7. Complete writing courses
Thus far I’ve completed a few online courses but I’ve seen some great day workshops run by the Australian Writer’s Centre and an interesting sounding mentoring type workbook and audio program called Reinvent Yourself to get you started on the right path to a career change. The plan is to simple immerse myself in everything writing and hone my craft.

So there you have it. I’ve mapped out the coming year. What are your writing resolutions for 2015?


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