This Time Next Year

By kazu end
“What’s your New Year’s resolutions?”

I’ve already lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked that question. What is it about the passing of a year that makes us want to better ourselves and aspire to achieve more? It’s great to be filled with a new found positive energy and motivation, but unfortunately for me it always seems to end in failure.

Last year I set myself seven writing related resolutions (for details, read Resolutions of an Aspiring Writer) but only managed to achieve three, well three and a half. This year I’ve decided to rewire my thinking. Instead of making traditional resolutions I’m going to ask the universe for what I want. I’m going to put it out there and whatever is meant to be will be and everything will fall into place as it should be.

Ok, so I am a realist and know that if I want something I have to take steps to make it happen. But towards the end of last year I was unhappy in my job and often said to friends (and myself), “the ideal scenario would be to finish up in this job when we close for Christmas and start a fabulous new job in the New Year.” So I updated my resume, applied for jobs and voila, I start a new job in two weeks.

It wasn’t a resolution as such, I put it out there that I wanted it to happen and it did. So instead of New Year’s resolutions I’m saying, this time next year my life will look like this…

I will be promoted to a manager at work
That isn’t to say I’m putting writing on the back burner, far from it. It’s just time to focus on my first career and achieve a personal goal there before transitioning into a writing career. I will progress from digital marketing coordinator to marketing manager. Although, I do have a background in operations so I would not be adverse to a suitable operations manager role. Time will tell which career path my new employer takes me down.

I will be editing the first draft of my debut novel
So I’ve written the blurb, semi-written an outline, all I need to do now is write the actual novel, too easy. Ok, not so easy as the idea of coming up with 75,000 words that somebody else would actually want to take the time to read is scary. But I’m putting it out, it’s going to happen. You can read the blurb for Confessions of Love (working title) under the Books menu.

I will be an Australia size 10
I threw the number in there purely because a goal needs to be measureable. As a society I feel we place too much emphasis on size rather than health. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy, and my current clothing size is pushing me into the unhealthy category. So I will be fitter, stronger and healthier. I will banish the muffin tops for a flatter stomach and toned ladies abs, and those wobbly bits underneath my arms will be replaced with lean triceps.

I will be madly in love
I’m done with being single. I have become quite good at it though, but it’s time somebody else experienced the pleasure of my company. The love drought will end and I will meet someone with whom I share common interests, but who also has his own independent thing going on. He will be handsome in his own way, confident, loyal and funny. He will be the kind of guy who can instantly strike up a conversation with just about anyone. He will be someone I can’t live without. Oh, goes without saying that he will love me equally in return, what a cruel joke that would be if he didn’t.

I will be happy, healthy and loving life
At the end of the day, all I really want this time next year is to be able to say, I am happy, healthy and loving life.

What will your life look like this time next year? Let me know in the comments.


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