So You Want to be a Writer

So you want to be a writer
That’s the title of the latest writing course I enrolled in through the Australian Writers’ Centre. Technically it’s a workbook and it’s called Reinvent Yourself and so you want to be a writer is the tagline. My current day job is in marketing so reinvention is exactly what I need, or so I thought.

Rather than feeling empowered to take the necessary steps to becoming a writer I was left feeling frustrated and annoyed. While there were some great tips and suggestions I felt the 50 page workbook section was padded out with weak Tony Robbins style motivational speak. It could have easily been summarised into one long (free) blog post or an ebook. The ‘bonus’ case studies made it sound all too easy with a similar theme of ‘I completed this course at the Australian Writers’ Centre and then boom I had my first article published’. I couldn’t even read the ‘bonus’ wisdom from writers section. I just wanted to be done with it, although I probably missed the best part. I did enjoy the inspirational quotes though which came in very useful for my Twitter feed.

Frustration aside it did help me come to the realization that what I actually need is to write the damn first draft already. I need to stop distracting myself with courses, and just sit down at my computer and start typing. After all, a writer who doesn’t write is just a dreamer.

So I need a plan; a plan to commit to writing on a regular basis. I’m going to start small to make it easier to commit and pick one day of the week to write. None of this every day nonsense I often read about, nobody works every day. I’m going to start with one writing day a week and that day is going to be Thursday. Yes, Thursday’s will work well. There’s nothing much on tv and I don’t do the whole late night shopping thing so no tempting distractions. From this day forward every Thursday will be writing day.

Help me out here guys. How do you commit to writing on a regular basis?


2 Replies to “So You Want to be a Writer”

  1. I have tried doing a few different things. I have used specific word count goals,scene completion, and time goals. I make sure that I write something every single day. As long as you make some progress, you are doing something right. Sometimes, I can only crank out five hundred words; other times I can a few thousand. Good luck with your writing, also is a wonderful, free resource to help improve a writer’s craft.

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  2. I know this is an old post, I just came across it cause you like one of my posts. But I wanted to add an idea.
    I don’t write every day although I try to. What helped me a lot recently in getting words down are writing sprints. Many people organize them over Twitter or Tumblr for instance, I like doing them on the site (you have to register first but it’s free). I like seeing that other people are writing too, it makes me feel like I’m part of this bigger wave of creativity across the globe.

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