Adora Herveaux is an aspiring women’s fiction author currently at work on her debut novel, Confessions of Love, which follows three young women each at a crossroads in their ever enduring quest to find and keep love.

Growing up Adora dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and could be found constantly sketching designs inspired by the stars of her favourite television shows. So convinced of her superior talents, she honestly couldn’t understand why her mother did not share the same enthusiasm. “Hmm… good,” was all she would say when Adora proudly presented her masterpieces. “That’s it,” Adora would think, “can’t she see how talented I am?” It only took a few years for Adora to realize how terrible a drawer she actually was. All her models had the hugest of heads, about twice the size they should have been in proportion to their bodies.

Marketing was Adora’s backup plan so she completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing and currently works as a Digital Marketing Coordinator writing website, blog and social media content.

Adora’s desire and need for a creative outlet lead her to writing. She has completed several short online courses including Advanced Fiction Writing, How to Write a Short Story 101, the Craft of Magazine Writing and Romance Writing 101. Having realized writing is her passion Adora set to work on her debut novel, Confessions of Love, which she hopes to finish in the near future.

Adora finds inspiration from exploring the complexities and fragility of love, life and relationships intertwined with societal assumptions, family dynamics and lingering regrets. Her writing is sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, sometimes controversial, but always thought-provoking. Adora aspires to publish six bestselling novels and have her own relationships column in a leading women’s magazine.

When not working in her day job as a Digital Marketing Coordinator, Adora is a compulsive sunbather, avid reader, dance enthusiast, chocoholic, tv addict, tennis fan, theatregoer and relaxing fanatic.