Turning Rejection into a Blog Post

I recently applied and was rejected for the position of Editorial Assistant at online literary magazine Writer’s Edit. The application process was strictly no resumes. So being the creative that I am I thought a blog post as my covering letter would be super cool. Turns out the team didn’t agree and I wasn’t event shortlisted (cue violins). But then I thought, turn lemons into lemonade and create a blog post out of it. Here’s my application. Read it and let me know in the comments whether you would you have hired me or not.

5 Reasons Why Adora Herveaux Should be the Editorial Assistant at Writer’s Edit

A few years ago, upon deciding I wanted to be a writer, I started enrolling in online writing courses, attending writer’s festivals and rocking up to free writing workshops. It was at one of those free workshops that participants were asked about their writing goals. Without hesitation I answered that I wanted to work part-time in marketing for the steady income (plus I enjoy it), secure a monthly relationships column in a women’s magazine and publish six women’s fiction novels. The teacher thought that seemed very reasonable and achievable. Only problem is I haven’t been working towards that goal. That is, until now.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I spotted a job ad for an Editorial Assistant at Writer’s Edit. My eyes lit up. That’s what I need to be doing I thought, work experience within the industry; and what better place to start than an up and coming literary magazine. I have been following Writer’s Edit for a while now and seen its followers grow and grow. Which is not surprising seeing that it’s an amazing resource for aspiring writers. What an opportunity to learn from Founding Editor Helen Scheuerer.

So why should I, Adora Herveaux, be the Editorial Assistant at Writer’s Edit over all the other hopefuls? Here’s five reasons why.

  1. I want to pursue a career as a writer

Several years ago I borrowed a book from a friend by, to me at the time, an unknown author – Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. It was at a time that I had been toying with the idea of being a freelance writer on the side for extra income. I even started a personal blog to get into the habit of writing. Reading Three Wishes gave me complete writers envy. These were the things I wanted to say. These were the everyday life issues I wanted to talk about. This is the kind of writer I wanted to be. It was one of those cliché light bulb moments where I realised something. I need to be a writer.

  1. I’m a strategic marketing specialist

With over 14 years of experience working for small to large businesses I am well versed in developing strategic marketing plans and campaigns to achieve business objectives. I know my way around WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. I can write blog posts, email campaigns and press releases – many of which have been published in the local newspaper or industry magazine. I’ve worked on product launches, organised events and managed an online store. I have the marketing skills and I’m eager to learn how to apply them to the publishing industry and writer’s community.

  1. I can help out with the books

And by books I mean the accounts. I’ve worked for several small businesses throughout my career which has meant wearing many different hats. I can process payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and monthly reconciliation. I even setup the MYOB company file for a previous employer who was still using Excel spreadsheets. I’m pretty versatile across all business functions and am not afraid to get stuck into the day to day admin.

  1. I’m super organised

What I believe to be a normal level of organisation others have called ‘highly organised’. At work I have a coloured coded list of daily tasks so nothing slips through the cracks. I’m always the one asking ‘what about this’ or ‘what if we do this’ and bouncing ideas around the table. In my personal life I’m the event coordinator amongst my friends. I’m the one booking restaurants for dinner or nights out to the theatre and then collecting everyone’s money. My iPod is arranged into playlists by year and decade and my home is clutter free with well-ordered storage.       

  1. I tell it like it is

I’m a straight shooter who doesn’t shy away from the truth. If I don’t like the way a piece of marketing collateral has been designed, or how advertising copy has been written, I’m going to tell you. It’s not a productive use of time to beat around the bush and pander to someone’s ego. I give it to people straight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rude or arrogant about it. I’m about efficiency and improvement. So when I point out a problem I’ll suggest a solution. Not everyone appreciates my candour, but it’s who I am.

To sum up, if you hire me, Adora Herveaux, you’ll get a super organised marketing specialist ready to hit the ground running and eager to absorb all that she can about the world of writing and publishing.

My Ultimate Authors Dinner Party

Four Authors on my Dinner Party Guest List
I recently read an article titled, The Authors (Dead and Alive) at my Ideal Dinner Party, via Read it Forward. This of course had me thinking, which famous authors would I like to have on my next dinner party guest list? It would be an intimate affair of just four I think. That way I would have enough time to chat with each of them. Here’s who I came up with…

1. Liane Moriarty

Several years back I helped a friend move house. My reward, that I could borrow any book from her extensive library. I browsed and browsed and finally decided on Three Wishes by, to me at the time, an unknown author. I’ve never believed a book could change your life but reading that novel was the push I needed to pursue a career as a writer. The book gave me complete writers envy. After I finished reading it I thought, this is the type of story I want to publish. This is the kind of author I want to be.

“Try not to saddle yourself with too distinct a personality too early in life. It might not suit you later on.”
Liane Moriarty, Three Wishes

2. Jane Austen

I don’t think I’ve ever met an avid romance writer who has not fallen in love with the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. And the Colin Firth film adaptation, love it! The romance, the thought-provoking reflections on society at the time, the honesty, it’s one of my favourite novels. If I had the privilege of meeting Ms Austen I’d want to know all about the hurdles she faced pursuing a career as an author in a male dominated world. A world where women were supposed to simply marry and keep house – a sentiment sadly still shared by some even today.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”
~ Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

3. J.K. Rowling

A dinner party would not be complete without one of the world’s most famous authors. Harry Potter Goblet and the Goblet of Fire is one of my all-time favourite books. The suspense and intrigue was gripping. It has thus far been the only book to keep me up all night reading. I had to know who put Harry’s name in the cup. I pretty much accused everyone accept the actual culprit. My writing comes from real life experiences. I could never write fantasy. I would love to know where she gets all of her amazing ideas from.

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”
~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

4. Richard Castle

Ok, so technically this is a fictional character from the television series Castle. And I am yet to read the Nikki Heat books published by a ghost writer. But how cool would it be to share a dinner table with Richard Castle. Not to mention hilarious, especially if I turned the dinner party into a murder mystery. Yes, that would be fun. And let’s not forget the eye candy factor. There’s something about having an attractive man in your presence that makes an evening more enjoyable. Hmm… might send the other ladies home and just keep Castle around for dessert. Now, that would be fun.

“There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers.”
~ Richard Castle

So there you have it, my top four authors to share a meal with. Which authors (dead or alive) would you invite to your next dinner party?


When writing makes you fat, turn to Lite n’ Easy


We writers spend a lot of time on our back sides. Whether it’s sitting at a computer screen typing, or reading a good book, our favourite pursuits are rather sedentary. It’s really no surprise when the kilos pile on. One day I decided I’d had enough of the muffin tops and it was time to take action. I needed an easy to follow diet that wasn’t going to create any extra work for myself. After all, I kinda hate cooking.

Lite n’ Easy fitted the brief perfectly. You place an online order. A weeks’ worth of meals are delivered to your doorstep. Everything is labelled and ready to be eaten. There’s only a little bit of prep work. But most of the time it’s as simple as sticking a ready-made meal in the microwave. If you’re thinking Lite n’ Easy might be for you, let me break down the pros and cons for you.

Cooking free zone

Apart from frying up bacon and eggs there is no cooking involved. Perfect if like me you’re not a big fan of getting into the kitchen and getting your hands dirty (or burnt).


I was really quite surprised by the variety of meals. It was to the point that for breakfast the type of bread and cereal was different each day. And lunches were a good mix of sandwiches and baked meals. Unless you live in a large household, having up to seven types of bread in the fridge is not realistic.

Fresh food

Now I’ve had my fair share of frozen meals in the past. So I’d say I’m qualified to speak on freshness. Lite n’ Easy meals are without doubt fresh. When a meal includes tomato, you receive a whole fresh tomato. As for the dinners, they taste like last nights reheated leftovers. I will never buy frozen from the supermarket ever again.

More free time

With less cooking, and no grocery shopping required (apart from milk), I found myself walking around the house aimlessly thinking ‘what shall I do?’ At first I idled the time away on social media. Then I became savvier with the housework giving myself more socialising time across the weekend.


Some items become repetitive

Despite the variety I did become a little fed up of certain items, like oranges and tomatoes. My main gripe with the oranges is that they’re a little messy to eat at your work desk. As for the tomatoes, who eats a whole tomato for breakfast? Or puts a whole tomato on their sandwich for lunch?  At one point I ended up with six tomatoes in my fridge that I divvied up to my mum and a friend.

It’s expensive

Imagine eating out three times a day? That’s basically what Lite n’ Easy is. Even with all the convenience and freshness, the long-term costs are not sustainable for most. Don’t get me wrong, the prices are pretty reasonable; from $144 per week per person. That’s about $6.85 per meal including morning and afternoon snacks. But do you spend $7,488 per annum on groceries for one person? I know I don’t.

Socialising kills you

I wasn’t about to give up socialising. And catching up with friends is usually done over a meal, particularly if there’s a birthday. Which of course also means birthday cake. I found my little ad hoc indulges extremely detrimental. One day my stomach was looking flat, the next it bloated out again. You have to be super disciplined like ALL THE TIME.

So how much weight did I lose after three months on Lite n’ Easy? I honestly couldn’t tell you. It wasn’t about the kilos for me. As per my new year’s resolutions, it was about dropping a dress size. And whilst my clothes are a little looser, I can’t quite squeeze into a smaller size just yet. I do feel healthier and more energised. Even my tennis coach has noticed. He is in awe of how much I run around the court now.

Even though I’m not at my ideal dress size (yet), Lite n’ Easy has taught me healthier eating habits. I learnt I wasn’t eating enough at breakfast and lunch time which was causing me to over indulge at dinner. I often went searching for more food and more often than not it was something sweet to satisfy the craving. I learnt it’s ok to have a (healthy) morning and afternoon snack rather than depriving yourself. I’m glad I took the plunge and tried Lite n’ Easy. It’s definitely kick started a new healthier lifestyle.

So how much writing did I get done in my extra free time? Absolutely none. But I did take up another inactive hobby. I’m a little addicted to FreeCell and am on a 46 game winning streak. Yay me!