Adora is currently working on her debut novel called Perceptions. Here’s what to expect…

Can men and women be just friends? Do high school sweethearts really last? Can couples survive long distance?

Perceptions follows three women each at a crossroads in their ever enduring quest to find and keep love.

Amber is seemingly happy with her single life and enjoys nothing more than organising the social calendars of her closest friends. But on her 25th birthday Amber starts to experience a quarter life crisis and questions why she can’t find a boyfriend, and begins to wonder whether the man of her dreams is actually right in front of her.

Leonora is an Italian beauty with a seemingly perfect life. Adoring husband, quaint little house her parents and in-laws practically paid for and a perfectly respectful job as a financial advisor. But Leonora harbours a secret desire to break free from the shackles of marriage and the increasing pressure from her mother to have her first baby and just have a little fun.

Sarah is the quintessential image of a good girl. She studied hard in high school, even harder at university, and now works back late most nights at work. But all of Sarah’s hard work is perfectly balanced by her carefree live in boyfriend who breaks up the work with play. But when Steve moves to the city for work creating a long distance relationship the once fun part of her life becomes more work than anything else Sarah has ever done.

Perceptions explores the dynamics of relationships, friendships and family.